E-3 Australian Specialty Worker Visas

The E-3 visa for Australian workers in Specialty Occupations is a targeted visa category which applies only to Australian citizens. We have successfully helped clients prepare E-3 visa applications from the United States and abroad. In preparing these applications we have helped clients who lack four year degrees secured academic and professional experience evaluations in order to meet the E-3 visa’s degree or equivalent experience requirement. We work with clients in person or remotely using videoconferencing to provide efficient service and simplify the application process.

The E-3 visa requirements are similar to the H1B Specialty Occupations visa but the process often less expensive, less restrictive, and faster to obtain than an H1B visa.

As with the H1B, a “Specialty Occupation” requires at least a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, as a minimum entry qualification into the position in the United States.

An E-3 visa applicant must prove that they:

  1. Are an Australian citizen; and
  2. Have an employment offer in the United States; for a
  3. Position that qualifies as a specialty occupation; and
  4. Have a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) required for the specialty occupation.

An applicant for an E-3 visa may apply from within the United States or from abroad at a United States Embassy or Consulate. An E-3 visa may be approved for up to two years and may be extended for up to two years per extension. There is no maximum number of extensions for an E-3 visa holder.

An E-3 visa holder’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age may apply for entry into the United States in the same E-3 visa category. Spouses may seek work authorization, but children may not.

We have guided many clients – both employers and workers – through the E-3 visa application process. If you have questions about the E-3 visa for Australian workers in Specialty Occupations call (646) 768-4190 or email us today at betty@bettyhuanglaw.com to schedule a consultation.