What the Law Office of Betty Huang P.C. Manhattan & Queens Immigration Attorneys Can Do for You

If you are currently attempting to apply for a United States visa, green card, work permit, or even citizenship, then you may understandably find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless paperwork and steps involved.. U.S. immigration laws are a labyrinth of ever-changing rules and procedures. Understanding the U.S. immigration laws and regulations alone can be a confusing and frightening task. Making a “simple mistake” on a USCIS application or making a misstatement to an ICE officer can result in severe consequences to your legal status in the United States.

Choosing an Immigration Attorney in New York

When seeking legal assistance on an immigration matter, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Betty Huang P.C. We have practiced immigration law for over seven (7) years, representing individuals from countries around the world and at USCIS and Immigration Courts throughout the United States. The Law Office of Betty Huang P.C. Immigration Attorneys are well respected and well-known for our reputable work in the immigration field. In fact, Betty Huang was named a “Rising Star” within the field of Immigration Law by Super Lawyers® in 2013. We speak a number of languages to make our clients feel as comfortable and understood as possible, including in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Spanish.

If you need immigration or citizenship legal advice from experienced attorneys, contact the Law Office of Betty Huang P.C. and schedule a consultation at (646) 768-4190.  We have offices located in Manhattan at 80 Broad Street and in Queens at 87-24 78th Street in Woodhaven. Get the legal advice and help you need today.